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Arbori & Viniculture

Eco NeoCal 560

  • EU fertilizers Calcium suspension with manganese and zinc Contains: 32.5% calcium carbonate 0.5% manganese sulphate 1.5% zinc sulphate Certified organic: Content: Calcium natural suspension, salt of manganese, salt of zinc.
    Neo Cal 560 with its high content of calcium prevents all physiological and nutritional imbalance of fruits and vegetables. Neo Cal 560 improves the size of the. Fruit and fruit, their shelf life their resistance to transport. The rigorous selection of the stitching, the quality and the special finish of .Neo Cal 560 guarantees a high efficiency.
    Dose: 3-4 L / ha: Highest concentration: water volume of at least 300L / ha. Time: The application every 7- 10 days after flowering until one month before the harvest. Provide at least 5 treatments. Stone fruit: Dose: 5 L / ha Highest concentration: Water volume of at least 500 L / ha. Time: up to 5 treatments starting from the tanning and every 10-15 days during the phase of fruit growth. It is not recommended to use the last month before harvest because it can leave a white patina on the fruits and leaves. Vegetables: 5 L / ha: Highest concentration: Water volume of at least 1000 L / ha. Time: 3 applications before flowering, immediately after flowering during fruit growth. Viticulture:
    Dose: Highest concentration: water volume of at least 200 L / ha. Time: Provide at least 4 treatments with 5 L / ha from the beginning, close the grapes, start dyeing and, 15 days later, direct the nozzles onto the grapes. (It is not recommended to use table grapes because it can stain.) Industrial crops in the open field (carrots, etc.) Dose: 5 L / ha Highest concentration: water volume of at least 150-200 L / ha. Stage: Repeat application from 4-6 leaves at intervals of 15 days.
    The form of calcium carbonate contained in NeoCal 560 may leave a white coating on the fruit, therefore avoiding use in table grapes. No problem with apples if they are washed after harvest. Practical recommendations for the preparation of Spritzbruehe for treatment. In order to have an optimal effect, use enough water per hectare to spread evenly on the vegetative plant area without problems of dripping. It is recommended to carry out the treatment at temperatures between 6 and 25 C.
    Before use, switch on the stirrer or mixer to obtain a uniform spray mixture. When the keg is half full of water and the stirrer is on, slowly fill the product. Wash the container twice. In case of mixing with other products, always take a preventive test and fill the product with the powdered products. Use only in real need. Exceed the indicated dosage. The product is unstable at ordinary temperatures. Store at temperatures between 5 C and 25 C. The product is not flammable. Do not leave in the environment Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

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