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Arbori & Viniculture

Fruit Red eco

    New product to increase the brix degree and the sugar content.
    To be used as a foliar fertilizer.
    Ideal for all crops: strawberries, raspberries, table grapes, tomatoes, apples, etc.
    EC fertilizer
    Total nitrogen (N) 2%
    Organic nitrogen (N) 2%
    Potassium oxide (K2O) 7%
    soluble in water
    24% organic substance
    Other substances:
    Phenalinin, Methionin, Monosaccharidi and other organic substances
    like Algae and Oxipilini.
    Technical details:
    pH (in 1% solution) 8.1%
    specific weight: 1.33 kg / l
    Natural stimulant to improve maturation and brix degrees.
    Fruit Red Eco is a product based on algae of the ascofillum nodosum type emacrocistis, which come from the sea of ​​northern Ireland. These algae contain the substances phenylanin, methionine and monosaccharides. Here they come added other plant substances than with cyclopentanone (Oxipine), which they activate the metabolismus of maturation. Fruit Red Eco brings the plant to the natural room of metiona biosynthesis, which is responsible for maturation of concentration growth of sugars in fruit (Brix) and the consistency of fruit without affecting storage.

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